The benefits

Why use our water bag for training

  • Improve Strength and Endurance
  • Increased Stability and Coordination
  • Perform Functional Movements

The water will move (and keep moving!) as you train, and you’ll have to overcome that inertia by really working your core, shoulders, back, hips, and legs, especially in hip hinge and rotational movements.


Train Anywhere

Regular exercisers can get the most out of their home workout, using as little equipment and floor space as possible. Wether you prefer to workout from home or outside, the aqua bag will be your new favourite workout buddy over the traditional sandbag. 


Aqua Bag vs Sandbag

With your more traditional sandbag, the external shape can alter as the sand shifts around inside. It can result in a slightly clunky and unbalanced form. Luckily regardless of the weight inside, the Aqua Bag is pumped up into a perfect oblong meaning that you still get the core benefits of managing wavering weight. 

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Pack Easily

Take your workout bag anywhere easily. The bag is simply emptied and folded away to no more than 15cm by 15cm, which not only means that you're not faced with sacrificing precious cupboard and floor space, but it can also be taken away on holidays or work trips.


Easy Setup

  1. First remove the plug cover
  2. Press the valve, fill with water to the desired weight
  3. Inflate the bag with air using the provided pump
  4. Close the cap and ready to use


This aqua bag is an amazing workout device. I've really enjoyed using this, even with only 10lbs in it. It works extremely well using the motion of the water to give you a dynamic workout. I've been using for baseball swing, disc golf throw and overall core strength. Very durable and easy to setup and get going with.

Taylor F

Happy customer

Good value, versatile, easy to fill and pump up and great for what I think would probably be called functional exercise ... big compound dynamic exercises with extra element of the variability to make sure that stabilising muscles involved.

Brian B

Los Angeles, CA

I love the fact that the weight can be adjusted so easily. We recently started adding some equipment to the garage to train and this is our favorite. Very durable.

Britt J

12 days ago