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Thermax Helps to Relieve a Migraine In Minutes!


Designed to Relieve all Type of Headache

The 360° coverage of the Thermax hat allows to apply cold or warm all around your head. The hat is designed to relieve all type of headaches.

Chronic Migraine

Cold Therapy

  • Cold constricts blood vessels
  • Reduces neuro-transmission of pain to the brain
  • Numbs the pain
Tension Headache

Heat Therapy

  • Heat increases blood flow 
  • Relaxes tense muscles
  • Increases oxygen and proteins to the area in pain.

Get a Better Sleep

The Thermax hat is extremely comfortable to wear. It applies a light compression on your head that takes stress away and puts you in a relaxed state.

How To Use


Designed for Thermal Effeciency

The inner solid gel pads are made of a high thermal properties composition which keep the hat at about same temperature much longer than any other products.

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Get the Original Thermax

The original Thermax keeps you 100% satisfied by its build quality and the results that it provides.


Don't just take our word for it...

Best thing we have bought, for headache relief! Bought for my husband who has chronic headaches. Now the whole family fights over who wears it! Loved it so much, bought our MIL and Aunt one as well! Provides perfect compression and coolness that truly does truly relieve or take away your headache! Must buy!!

Bretta V.

Alabama, USA

I received this from my sister, but love it so much I bought two one for each of my daughters. I have suffered migraines for over 40 years and this product is a game changer. I take my meds and put this on and 95% of the time my migraine is gone in 20 minutes.

Liam M.

Los Angeles, CA

This has helped my headaches SO much! It’s comfortable, fitted but stretchy, so I can wear it all the way over my eyes and lay down for bit. Other times when I need to work or stay mobile I wear it just over my eyes. Stays cold enough for long enough to help ease headaches before washing or throwing it back in the freezer for the next time.

Eva T.

4 days ago

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