Relieve Knee Pain

☑️ SKI LONGER, REDUCE FATIGUE - Get the extra leg support you need while skiing or snowboarding. Improve your game this winter.

☑️ STRONGER LEG POWER - The braces allow you to lift your body weight easier when bending your legs, providing a noticeable boost that help you in the effort. Do not expect to jump to the roof, the force of springs is calibrated to provide a mild support.

☑️ RELIEVE JOINT PRESSURE - The braces effectively lighten up to 15 kg (33 lbs) of joint pressure from a person’s own weight, providing relief to both tibiofemoral and patellofemoral knee joints. The springs are calibrated to apply resistance when the braces reach an angle of ~35° and beyond. Allowing to seat on the chairlift without discomfort.

☑️ FITS BOTH MEN AND WOMEN - It features adjustable straps for an ideal for an ideal fit.


How Optima Braces Work

Optima Braces™ act as an exoskeleton for your legs. They are worn discreetly and invisibly under your ski trousers.

The braces take pressure OFF your legs and knees using spring-loaded technology.

They supplement the power of your leg muscles and reduce the effects of impact significantly therefore reducing pain in legs and knees. No more thigh burn and mid afternoon fatigue!


InfraRed Light Effect

Red light assists in muscle and connective tissue repair by increasing and regulating collagen production. Collagen is a primary component of connective tissue, including intervertebral discs, which cushion the vertebrae and allow the spine to bend and flex.

Infrared light therapy reduces the acute inflammatory response and supports muscle recovery on a cellular level by activating myosatellite cells. These are stem cells that are contained within muscle tissue and are involved in muscle growth and repair.