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I picked this up primarily for the cooling, but was pleasantly surprised at the weight and ability to block light. This morning I had no idea the lights were on in the room after my girlfriend switched them on 30 minutes prior.
The weight of this mask is also just right for me, for those that like having a little pressure.
Got more out of it than what I was expecting.

This is the best I’m asking I’ve ever used. My daughter is claustrophobic and the cooling sensation allows her to get very relax at night in bed . It fits perfect and the quality is amazing and I couldn’t ask for a better product.

Start by saying it closes out all the light and that’s what they do well. It stays cool for 20 minutes, but I think that’s enough time to get to sleep with them on. I don't have any complain about this hat. Works very well to fall asleep easier.


FAST! We ship all orders within 24 hours of receiving them! On average our product is delivered within 5-10 business days

The Thermax hat is one of the most comfortable and relaxing experiences you'll ever have. It's engineered to freeze at the perfect temperature every time you use it. The expert-grade inside gel and premium insulation keeps a constant temperature 20 to 30 minutes straight. After 30 minutes, the temperature increases or decreases very slowly.

Store the hat in the freezer for at least 20-30 mins at -20°C (-4°F) to reach the ideal 'frozen' temperature. We recommend leaving it in the freezer so it's ready to use as soon as you feel a headache coming on. 

Hot and cold temperatures are very effective to lessen the pain of headaches and chronic migraines. For chronic migraine sufferers, cold effect serves to constrict blood vessels and reduce the neurotransmission of pain. On the other hand, sufferers of tension-type headaches the heat increases blood flow to the area and relax tense muscles that can cause muscle-contraction headaches. 

The Thermax hat covers 360° of the head. Every inch of the hat gets hot or cold – making it easy to apply the hot and cold therapy to all the areas of your head that need it. It makes direct contact and applies hot or cold therapy to all the areas it needs to.

Absolutely. Our products come with a 30 Day warranty. If you are not happy in anyway, please reach out to us. We will find a solution for you.

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