Relieve your back pain

Lumbarlax™ massager is a device designed to push the lumbar spine up and down to decompress the intervertebral discs.


Heat Therapy

Lumbarlax™ provides 3 adjustable temperature settings to comfort the individual preference and apply soothing heat therapy to aching back muscles.

Uniquely designed to target muscles, it contours to the shape of your back to provide targeted relief.

Heating therapy delivers gentle heat to tense muscles, increasing blood flow, and allowing muscles to relax.


Vibration Therapy

A vibration massage creates a vibrating and shaking motion onto the muscles which helps to relax the muscles and promote blood circulation.

The vibration function works perfectly with the traction function. Relax while stretching!

Lumbarlax uses micro-chip controlled high power 3000RMP motors to provide with the best vibration massage experience


Light Therapy

Color light sends messages throughout the body as a call to action

☑️ Red 

Essential for physical and emotional transformation, red restores depleted energy and nourishes adrenal function. It stimulates circulation as well as the muscular and cardiovascular systems.

☑️ Blue 

Peaceful and calming, blue is used for restlessness and pain. It helps to calm skin eruptions, oozing sores and external bleeding as well as helping bacterial infections.

☑️ Purple

With the shortest wavelength, purple helps to relieve itching, irritations and inflammation. It is also used to treat anxiety and nervous disorders.