Relieve Sore Neck and Shoulders In Minutes!

The Thermax pad uses cold and warm therapy to naturally ease neck and shoulders pain. Enter in a relaxation mode instantly.


Heat Therapy on Sore Neck & Shoulders

Heat increases blood flow relaxes tense muscles.It also increases oxygen & proteins to the area in pain.


Cold on Chronic Migraine

Cold temperature constricts blood vessels resulting in a neuro-transmission reduction of pain to the brain.


High Thermal Performances

The inner solid gel pads are made of a high thermal properties composition. The hat stays cold of warm at same temperature for 20 mins straight.

How to use


Get the Original Thermax

Be aware of low quality replicas of the Thermax pad. The original Thermax keeps you 100% satisfied by its build quality and the results that it provides.


A lot of the stress that I carry materializes in my neck and shoulders. Using this soft, luxurious little wrap was like getting a hug at the end of the day that melted away so much of my tension. Easy to use and (for me) quite effective.

Arena J

Happy customer

This is worth the price in fact it is not expensive at all. I have arthritis pain in my neck. When I am tense my neck aches and my muscles are hurting. I hear this item up in the microwave and it brings me great relieve. It remains heated for approximately twenty minutes. If I am stressed, I use this to relax me as well. If I am cold, I heat this up and get very warmed up again. I love this.

George M

Edinburgh, UK

Received the pad today.
I have had a few of these over the year's.
This is one of the best i have ever seen.
I use it cold mainly as it works better for me than warm.
Really pleased..


5 days ago


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