Hyperlax relieves neck strain

Hyperlax™ eliminates neck pain in instantly. The world's first state-of-the-art multifunctional at-home cervical care system, designed to alleviate neck and shoulder pain.


How it works

Hyperlax™ gently stretches the neck helps to hydrate discs, increases blood circulation, and is designed to restore the natural curve of the neck.


The Perfect Stretch

Hyperlax™ has been carefully engineered to provide maximum comfort, efficiency, and ease of use and truly makes it possible for anyone to have a professional physiotherapy device at home.

By gently stretching and decompressing the spinal cord, it helps to increase blood circulation to the structures of the cervical spine,

oxygenate the surrounding muscles, relieve pain while promoting relaxation.


Recommended by Professionals

Hyperlax has been designed and recommended by chiropractors as an effective natural way to get pain relief when you need it most.


Massage Therapy

Hyperlax™ comes with external electrode pads that can be applied to different parts of the body, such as legs, back, feet, joints and arms.


Heat Therapy

Hyperlax™ provides 3 adjustable temperature settings to comfort the individual preference and apply soothing heat therapy to aching neck muscles.

Uniquely designed to target the muscles in the back of the head and neck, it contours to the shape of your neck to provide targeted relief.

This heating therapy delivers gentle heat to tender muscles, increasing blood flow, and allowing muscles to relax.


Electro Therapy

The built-in pulse generator sends electrical impulses to the spinal cord, stimulates and regulates the nervous system helping to ease tiredness, promote blood circulation, enhance immunity, improve sleeping quality and activate collaterals to relieve your body pain.

The device utilizes Bionic TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) which penetrates 1.2-2 inches / 3-5 cm deep into the skin and directly hits the pain points.


In Your Package

  • Hyperlax™ traction device
  • Power Adapter
  • Remote control
  • Pads
  • Box